Convert any screen recordings
into professional sales or support videos

Create your screen recording as you normally would.
We will then automatically replace your voice with a professional voice over, add perfectly synced subtitles and background music. You can also order our placeholder package, where we place your video within a professioal office setting

From just $0.13 per minute

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How our service works

  • 1

    Record a screenrecording as you normally would

    Example of an original screerecording - View end result

  • 2

    We automatically transcribe your voice

    When you upload your video, we automatically transcribe your spoken words so your subtitles are ready to go. You can do minor edits or ajustments if needed

  • 3

    Replace your voice or keep original audio

    You can either keep your voice or have it replaced with a professional voice over. Practically everything is done automatically, so a video can be done within a few minutes

  • 4

    Verify or edit subtitles

    With our simple editor you can make quick ajustments to your subtitles.

  • 5

    Place your recording within a professional office setting

    If your screenrecording is within normal screen dimentions, you can place your recording into a professional office setting. View example here

  • Download your new professional video

    Same example as above, but after the touch of

We replace your voice
with a professional

We automatically transcribe your video,
and allows you to correct or add phrases if needed.

Professional voice over
No more background noise

Replace your own speech with the voice of a professional voice over (male or female). This will give you a more professional feel, but also remove all background noises as mouse clicks and keyboard strokes.


Having subtitles on screenrecordings, makes it much easier to understand whats being said. It also enables the user to view and understand the video when their audio is muted.

background music

Having dimmed and suttle background music added to your video, will give your video a more professional feel, but will also encourage viewers to watch longer.

Professional office setting

If you want to make your video look even more professional,
you can have your recording placed within a professional office setting.

A placeholder video can be added for just 10 minutes of rendering time
Costing as low as $1.3 - View our prices here

Translate your recording

When you video is done, and you are saticfied with the result. You can choose to have it translated into other languages.
We translate both the voice overs and subtitles

Our prices

Our service includes:
Transcription, subtitles & professional voiceover

25 minutes


$1.96 per minute

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2 hours


$1.66 per minute

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10 hours


$0.50 per minute

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25 hours


$0.27 per minute

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50 hours


$0.17 per minute

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100 hours


$0.13 per minute

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